How We Help

Mekimi’s holistic approach starts with a review of the aid, grants, and welfare benefits for which the family is eligible. Our initial meeting is followed by a comprehensive economic analysis. We then create a comprehensive recovery plan and provide a financial counseling session to explain how it can be implemented. We devise a short-term plan and a longer-term strategy, and we follow up to ensure that our guidelines are understood.

The whole process is run by a team of professionals who offer the families ongoing support and assistance in implementing their economic recovery programs. Our extensive experience, built up over 10 years, helps us to get to the root of the problem with each family more quickly, and to recommend tried-and-tested solutions.

Mekimi takes a holistic approach to problem-solving by focusing on both the economic and social aspects of financial stability. We talk to the family members about their different attitudes to financial affairs, and often help to arbitrate complex marital disputes about money and spending.


Root Causes of Financial Distress

We often discover that the root causes of the problem require professional help. We can arrange for free professional consultations with an attorney, accountant, and business advisor, as necessary. We may also recommend or arrange family or marital counseling, or enlist the help of experts to give advice on the operation of their family business.


Financial Rescue

When a family is weighted down by debts, we will often establish a rescue fund and fundraise on their behalf. With their permission, we contact Rabbis, relatives, friends and their local community welfare fund to ask for donations. We can run a community fundraising appeal without mentioning the names of the people we are helping, and providing charity tax receipts to anyone who donates to them through Mekimi. We can also provide monetary aid, such as loans and grants, structured in a balanced and gradual manner to help the family get back on its feet.


Community Funderaising

Mekimi builds a community support for each of the families that we help.

Often when a family is experiencing financial hardship, their friends and family want to help but don't know how. We make it easier for individuals and communities to make donations to the families we are working with, by setting up a tax-deductible fundraising appeal. We have raised hundreds of thousands of shekels from communities through their Rabbis and gemach funds.


Community Funderaising - how it Works?

Community members are told that someone in their kehilla is struggling with debts, and they are encouraged to donate without knowing the identity of the recipient, which is the highest form of tzedakah. This ensures that members of the family are not embarrassed in front of their neighbors and friends.

We may also contact certain relatives and friends using the information given to us by the family we are helping, and with their permission, to explain that we are fundraising to help them to pay off their debts.

By collecting the money, issuing receipts and administering the fund in accordance with the financial plan agreed with the family, we can ensure that donated money is used in the most effective possible way to put them back in control of their finances.

To donate to one of our community appeals, please mention it by name when you make your donation to Mekimi.


Mekimi Loan Fund

Mekimi offers a loan fund to families who are in the process of financial rehabilitation. The purpose of such interest-free loans of up to 50,000 NIS is to remove the immediate pressure of debts so that the family can formulate a practical payment plan.

This fund is absolutely vital, as many families that turn to Mekimi arrive with a list of debts with monthly repayment requirements that they simply cannot meet. We help them to swap their old debt for an interest-free loan from the (gemach) fund, offering a payment schedule more compatible with their economic situations. We ensure that the money we provide is used by the family to pay off its debts in the most cost-effective way, so that they can get back in control of their finances and move forward towards independence and stability. Needless to say, we take all the necessary precautions and operate our loan fund under the careful supervision of an attorney and accountant.