About Us

Mekimi is a non-profit organization helping struggling families and individuals in Israel. We work with the community to help rescue individuals and couples who are often working, serving in the Army, and bringing up large families.
We believe in every family’s ability to independently manage its finances in an efficient and responsible manner. We view self-responsibility as a primary value and put special emphasis on the family’s hands-on involvement in the process of financial recovery. We therefore place the responsibility for budgeting, setting priorities, and avoiding overspending back onto the family itself. If a family is deeply in debt, its members will be shown how to avoid taking loans and how to limit their credit card usage. We impart our values by informing our audiences of the facts, and by teaching various tools and strategies to foster real change.
Unlike other organizations, Mekimi’s staff is made up of skilled professionals who respond promptly to any query, without any selective threshold criteria or bureaucracy.
Mekimi’s diverse professional staff provides a comprehensive solution to any monetary problem, no matter how complex, addressing the issue’s financial, legal and emotional facets. By getting to the root of their problems, we can help them to sleep better at night.


Yisrael Livman

Mekimi was founded by Yisrael Livman, a resident of Beit El and one of the founder members of Pa’amonim, an organization dedicated to helping needy families. Following over five years of experience at Pa’amonim, Yisrael is intimately familiar with the painful stories of families who lack the tools and skills to properly budget their finances. Yisrael decided in 2010 to set up Mekimi as a partner organization, providing professional advice and complementary services to help individuals and families who find themselves struggling with heavy debts.


Professional Advice

Mekimi is run by a team of professionals who determine the strategies best suited to each individual case, and offer the families ongoing support and assistance in implementing their economic recovery programs. Our extensive experience, built up over 10 years, helps us to get to the root of the problem with each family more quickly, and to recommend tried-and-tested solutions.
Mekimi takes a holistic approach to problem-solving by focusing on both the economic and social aspects of financial stability. We talk to the family members about their different attitudes to financial affairs, and often help to arbitrate complex marital disputes about money and spending.
Where necessary, we collaborate with other professionals in order to provide an appropriate and comprehensive solution for each family. This may include referring them to business management experts, legal and financial advisors. We have found that professionals are more effective than volunteers, and the investment that we make in paying their fees, which are often discounted, is more worthwhile than relying on well-meaning volunteers.



Mekimi holds workshops and classes for young couples to share the professional knowledge that we have accumulated over the years for the prevention of financial distress. At these events, we offer tips and instruction for smart budgeting, strategies for escaping economic crises and how to avoid them in the first place. Our participants are surprised to discover how they can cut expenses, increase income, and change habits that impede financial security. The content of these workshops is flexible and modular, and can be adapted to the needs of diverse audiences and life stages.


Leading by Example

As an organization that aims to improve the community’s spending habits, we try to maximize our own economic efficiency. Building a professional infrastructure and holding meetings exclusively at our (very basic) own premises are just two examples of our cost-effective management principles, intended to maximize the change that your donation can effect.